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Scale as a geographic framework for understanding religion

By Anna, Chris, Caitlin, and Adelyn. Geographies of religion is a field that seeks to understand the intersection of space, place and religiosity. Inherent to conceptualization of space and place is scale, i.e., the scope of space that one wishes … Read more

Looking across 2017 projects

By Ashlyn, Martha, Troy, Maddie, and Rachel. In attempting to document the human experience, it is important to consider the abstraction and complexity of human and spatial identities. For this reason, it is crucial to explore new progressive forms of … Read more


by Casey Lunceford, James Tan, Josey Parker, Kelsey Kirby, William Pryor Geographies of Religion is a complex sub-genre of Geography that has gained prominence in recent years. In the 70s and 80s, secularization was considered a global phenomenon that threatened … Read more


by Emily, Maddie, Jacquie, Travis, and Cy If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Things happen to people and places. Life is contingent upon these principles. Each of these projects shows how the theme of … Read more